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Friday, October 14, 2005

My BIG 7

The BIG 7

7 BIG Wants :

1. Get a good camera like P5 and go out a few days on a photographic expedition.
2. Travel through the countryside of South America on a motorbike like Che`.
3. Open and run a chalet near Kuantan and 'carpe diem' by playing chess and pc games?
4. Build a house on an acre beach front plot in Kuantan.
5. Set up a paint ball team.
6. Invite all my old friends in Turkey to my home.
7. I want to know the secret of the universe.

7 BIG Can :

1. Cook very well.
2. Eat very well at buffets so can invite me.
3. Take very good pictures and comments even better... heh heh heh
4. Philosophy talk with idealists, radicals, socialists etc.
5. Play strategic pc games for hours or days.
6. Go to a formal dinner with worn down shoes with a hole on the top and not feel any shame.
7. Live with only 3 pants ( 2 for work and 1 for casual ). Takes 0.1 sec to choose what to wear.

7 BIG Can`t:

1. Can`t sing or play musical instruments. Tone deaf lar.
2. Berkemas. I am allergic to dust and the act.
3. Ride a motor bike.
4. Can`t dance at all but can hop. Hip no, hop yes.
5. Can`t understand many things but it never bothers me.
6. I have difficulty starting a conversation with people I just know.
7. Go shopping with women. When they want to buy a simple yellow blouse at SOGO, they start the search from the carpet shop somewhere in JTAR. My advise to men, there`s nothing to understand no rationale also, just don`t follow.

7 BIG Fears :

1. Being late and make people wait for me.
2. Forget important things.
3. Pondans. Seng Hup is the area to test courage.
4. Losing people close to me.
5. The unpredictable. I used to be very scared of girls. Jump through windows and so on.
6. Drowning although I can swin and have saved people from drowning 3 times.
7. To forget and be forgotten.

7 BIG Love:

1. Cats but not keeping any now at home because of space and children.
2. Ancient history. I`m good at Ottoman history.
3. Photography especially on people and life. Hope someone will buy me a D50 also. Then I won`t care if Paul Moss wants to burn me at the stake I`ll publish many nice pictures.
4. Green mountains. I'm not a rock climber but hiked Toros mountain, Elciyes , Bolu and half of Ararat. Was great. Everybody should do it when still have the strength.
5. Movies especially life drama like `Life is beautiful`, `Motorcycle diary` and `Taegukgi`.
6. Outdoor activities like camping and hiking but doesn`t have much opportunity to do so. Not much energy also nowadays.
7. Museums. Spent more than 2 hours even in the small Sarawak museum.

7 BIG Passion :

1. BMW M3.
2. Firearms.
3. National Geography.
4. Discovery Channel.
5. Siti Nurhaliza ? and my wife...etc.
6. Still photography.
7. LOST ( the TV serial)

7 BIG Dreams ( Most very stupid, some day dreaming):

1. Be an aircraft fighter pilot fighting dunno who.
2. Be a Kung Fu expert with magical power but eat noodles at halal stalls with Jakim logo.
3. Be a Malay warrior together with Mat Kilau fighting the British in Pahang but I have a M16.

4. On the very day Kitty died thousands of miles away, I dreamt of her coming to sit on my lap her tail as usual wagging high.
5. After all this years I can still dream being confronted by a ghost. Only difference now is I`m not scared any more.
6. Live around 1,000 years ago.
7. Dream of a dream of another dream and woke up in a dream also.

7 BIG treasures :

1. Old photos from childhood.
2. Not so old photos from younger days. (Never realised I was so handsome. No wonder lah.)
3. A Sundang . ( An old sword from great great grandfather )
4. Some belongings of my arwah mother.
5. A keris Mataram I bought in Indonesia.
6. An M16 A3 air rifle same as the one Maman own and shown in his blog.
7. Almost everything in the HD.

7 BIG Says :

1. Apa dia?
2. Kenapa buat gitu?
3. Weh!
4. Ho oh yek?
5. Nak ikut mana?
6. Lama lagi ke?
7. Apa kata...?

7 BIG Facts :

1. I enjoyed 16 years in Turkey, made many friends, hiked the mountains, cross the streams, jumped the waterfalls, stayed in villages, passed through Kurdish battle zones, know the people...My Turkish friends don`t consider me a Malaysian anymore.
2. When it comes to travel, I plan carefully for others but rarely for myself because I believe getting lost can be a great adventure. It happened before.
3. I love roasted lamb. Especially those not thickly marinated and cooked in sand.
4. I hate getting stuck in a festive season traffic jam especially at Senawang.
5. I`d love to go fishing and hope P5 will teach me how and buy me an ugly stick for starters.
6. The truth is I can be very happy with small things. Can be satisfied very easily. That`s why I can still wear my worn down shoes. Sometimes just for fun I act as someone with a different personality. People who know me well understand the joke but others may not.
7. I`m quite sentimental. It was pointed out to me bluntly some years back.

So those were my BIG 7. They may not be totally true and even the true ones are only true at the time of publish. The not so true ones are not really lies but a result of a condition called hypoglisemia + intermitten autapathic fever.


  • Loved reading your big 7. Very honest. Some I already knew. Some I don't ( like you only have 3 pants, haha). 16 yrs in Turkey probably made what you are today. Frank and down to earth.

    Your 7th can't: is your typical comment about women. But I know goodheartedly you will play along with the game :)

    Your 7th fear: to forget and be forgotten. Pray we don't get amnesia or alzheimer's. And pray that people still remember us even after we die, as someone worth remembering (in the good sense that is.)

    Thank you for taking pain and memerah otak yg dah separuh hypoglycemic tu!

    By Blogger dr in the house, at 1:02 AM  

  • 1st Big Can: Me want to see proof of your good cookingness! (yes let's murder the English language while I'm at it. :))

    7th Big Want: The Meaning of Life is 42. Ehehehehehehehehehehe... Seriously? I think that we/everything will perish and are perishing, and the only thing Eternal is God.

    7th Big Passion: My hubby is crazy about Lost too. You guys can geng one!

    7th Big Fact: Life IS like a dream... at least for some people they are dreaming, they only wake up when they die. And realise our living breathing world is like nothing compared to Eternity.

    7th Big Facts: Even I can tell you are sentimental. It's written all over you face :)

    Conclusion: you are quite cool. Never knew you that well (age gap? long years away from home) but I 100% sokong your chalet business-lah!

    By Anonymous kenakelayan, at 11:48 AM  

  • Dr Roza introduced this site. I've bookmarked it. Gotta hear more about Keris Mataram and guns you may write in future. Good day, sir.

    By Blogger bergen, at 6:35 PM  

  • You are frank and brutally honest with your big seven, but I can sense the sentimental and caring side of you as well.
    Well done. An interesting character, though I feel I must tread carefully in your territory.
    Like I said earlier, I dont want to die bleeding with your brutal honesty.

    By Anonymous pycnogenol, at 4:37 PM  

  • hahah,Can't help laughing at Pycno's comments...imagining him walking , limping with hands cupped at the chest, trying to stop the bleeding of a wound that was only inflicted by Boogey's razor sharp comments! Hahaha

    Pycno_ you'll love Boogey the person, very friendly and the least brutal I assure especially when he's wearing one of his 3 pants, hehahahhuhu

    By Blogger dr in the house, at 5:24 PM  

  • Awok pakai kasut koyak je ke majlis? Isk buat malu orang Pasir Derian je awok nih! Dah dah ler tuh, gi le cari hok baru. Aki rase le kan, awok ni sesaui benor bukak resort tepi Pantai kat Anok Air tuh. Awok pon pandai memasok. Jadi chef tuk cafe "Boogey". Kawe rase boleh laku bisnes tu. Aki boleh tolong promot. Senang je. Aki pukul canang jek kat Blogspot nih dah cukup. Org kat UK, Ostolia pon akan dtg, insyallah.

    Cume satu je Aki nok tanya pasal Big 7 awok nih. Awok kata awak nak kembara AMerica selatan mcm Che Guevara tuh naik noto tapi kat bawoh nu awok kata awok tak pandai naik motosike. Mana satu yg betul nih? Pening kepala Aki

    By Anonymous tok ki andak, at 6:00 PM  

  • Dr House,
    As said, even the true ones pun can change and I changed that. Went out shopping on Sat and Sun. Bought 1 pair of shoes, 2 office shirt, 1 slacks and 1 khaki pants. Those should last for 2 years the least. I`m smart today at the office. Even the neighbouring office people noticed my new shirt and shoes. They all remember my old shirts very well... been wearing the same 3 shirts for years and probably have created a special bond with the people of this floor. Some things just have to change.

    Woit kenakelayan, U already ate the proof before. The chicken curry you ate with your friend who was studying in India tu?
    And what`s that age gap about? Non copisco.

    I am honest with my thoughts and ideas but I don`t put them in words recklessly inconsiderately.
    They mostly stay as silent thoughts.
    The brutal sharp comments? It`s not me. That`s Paul Moss and he only does it to Ikelah and P5.

    By Blogger Boogey, at 8:03 PM  

  • Hai Aki Andak ni tak pasai pasai dah pening. Nampok sangat lar dah tuanya. Kena langgar dek lalat pun dah pening.
    Hok Boogey cakak tu betul lar. Nok gi naik motor lain, boleh bawak ke tidok lain lar. Mungkin boleh kalau jalan kampong jek. Macam backpacking jugok lar. Noknya lain, ruiq ke tidak lain hal lar. Tak pe lar. Mula mula molek lar ada angan angan dulu Aki yek. Mudah mudahan bila dah pasang hajat tu, Tuhan bagi lar kederat pulok yer Andak yer? Amiiiiin. Dah ada kederat tu, boleh la backpacking pikul mangkok tandas satu yek?

    By Anonymous Tok Aki Anjang, at 11:08 PM  

  • Awok ni Anjang, Tak habis2 ngusek koi. Rate koi gi awok ngikut pastu perli koi. Koi ni bukan ape. Saja nok tanya Boogey nih. Sebak Boogey nih kalau kite tok tanye dia pakat diam bisu.

    Ohh awok perli koi lagi pasal nak gi bekpeking yek? Takpe. Suh koi pikul mangkok tandas lagi. Takper. Koi sabor lagi nih. Kte tengok ler nanti saper yg dpt buat dolu, bekpeking ke naik moto tuh!

    By Anonymous tok ki andak, at 2:24 AM  

  • which chicken curry? mana ada?

    if true, then it must not be so good as i don't remember it. i'm sure you must've improved since then. :) sila resubmit entry memasak for my penilaian, sekian terima kasih.

    By Anonymous kenakelayan, at 12:55 PM  

  • banyoknye seluor? kawe dulu ada dua lai pun dah okay. selai pakai, selai basuh. time lain pakai kancut je.

    By Anonymous P5, at 9:29 PM  

  • sorry la komen lewat, bila kawe jengok selalu awak tak de new entry. bila masuk je..terkezut sampai 3 entry.

    nak komen banyak tak sempat... hari ni kena ganti org kerja...letih betul,....dah whole week, now sunday pun kena.

    it seems ur big 7 ada maybe 50% or more similar dengan kawe. dan 20% bole la... serumpun yek... kawe pun nak kamera macam p5. tak tangkap minolta 5d tu?

    nak tengok juga p5 punye 7..... apa yek???

    kawe pun ye uglystix dah kena curi masa pindah.... sedih betul.

    jom la beli senapang paint ball... gi perang. organise... tanye si acu tu ..agen dia ada jual markers tak!

    boey bole la pakai 3 pants berbulan.... dia mana pakai sepender... masa gi haji, beg dia jatuh..sehelai sepinggang seminggu sebelum wukuf. ;)

    By Blogger Ikelah, at 2:50 PM  

  • Hahaha---mentang2 dalam ihram takleh ada benda wangi, langsung tak salin apa2--maintain jek!

    By Blogger dr in the house, at 8:19 PM  

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