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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pictures say a thousand words

I`m a lazy writer. So to make things easier, I`ve moved to photopages . So visit me there :

Sunday, November 05, 2006

More Editor Work

Actually Lily is trying to tiru her brother and sister doing the "V" sign. Unfortunately the third finger stubbornly jots out together with the rest.

I`m taking advantage of the daily 15 min rajin period. Duringt the weekend I edited a few more images in between raya visits.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Edited on Request

War !!!

Shadow Dancing

Standard Format

Yesterday, very suddenly I felt very rajin and started editing the images. However it lasted for 15 minutes only and only 3 images made it for M Yamashita to view.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

More Raya

Only a few more images from my raya trip. The lemang Kijal, the multiple moods of Ikelah family from my camera, my family photo taken by P5 and of my little daughter Alissa.

Sorry: malas nak crop
Sorry: Malas nak edit

Malas nak edit dan crop : Very genuine moods

Masih malas edit mahupun crop

No 4 : Alissa Nur Latifa ( 2 months )

Cropping malas, edit malas, guna prop pun malas, buat soft box pun malas.

Just so you people can have a raya day commenting on the photos, no editing, no cropping, no what nots were done to the above images.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Zahir Batin to all readers who have read my comments and felt that Paul Moss, Mat Derih and Aki Anjang need to apologise. They all minta maaf kerana kasar bahasa dan tak bertimbang rasa apabila memberi komen dan sebagainya. Bukan tak segaja tetapi sesekali terlebih ketika bersikap terlus dalam memberi pendapat sehingga terlupa mengambil kira sesisitiviti masyarakat pelbagai kaum, budaya, latar belakang dan jenis.
Well apologies whatever done for all the damages last year and now we can look forward for a better future. Better reasons for mintak maaf next raya so that the mintak maaf session will be more real and meaningful.
Meanwhile. here are some photos taken during my cuti raya mostly of the children in different moods. I admire Ikelah family photos where in a single composition various moods are displayed. So this Raya, the topic is people and moods taken throughout my raya journey covering over 1,600km from KL to Kuantan, to Kijal to look for lemang and then Kuantan to Kulai via Rompin and then to JB, Muar before returning to KL. No traffic jam for me this year alhamdulillah. I noticed my son picked up the loghat Pahang from his Aki. Pedas sangat became pedeh sanget.

No 1 : Muhammad Emir Ferhan

No 2 : Yasmin Nadya

No 3 : Lily Hayati

Private Water Theme Park

War !!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Makang Ikang Dalan Pinggang

Yep! I was in Trengganu last weekend for a short trip with some old friends back from the Turkey days. When it`s with some great friends, the trip was fantastic. We went from KL to Kuantan with my friends Waja Campro he bought a month ago which I noticed is a fuel monster eating up to RM50.00 for KL-Kuantan. We left our car at my parents place and changed into a brand new BMW320 for the Kuantan Kemaman-KT leg. I really felt the difference in power, speed and comfort and to my surprise it`s a fuel saver too.
What puzzles me is he bought the car for 280K and pays about 2,500 a month for 7 years. When it comes to house loan, why do we pay about the same monthly installment for the same amout of loan but the repayment is for 25-30 years. Why aaaa? I think when buying house, better don`t say for house but say for car or for kawin or anything else but house.
Anyway, we went to Kemaman, stopped at the market to buy berbuka stuffs to cook at this small six suite family challet.

This are the guys inspecting stuffs like meat, lung, spleen and perut for the gulai kawah. Ustaz Wan Alias ni terrer masak.

This is the chalet.

Waiting for berbuka.

There are the deserts of buah mempelam harumwangi, grapes, kueh entah apa, kueh pelita, kurma king solomon. Main dishes are gulai kawah, gulai ikan singgang tenggiri, kari ikan lemudok and lots of ulam including petai.

Caught stealing endangered telur penyu.

Berbuka the next day wasn`t as glamorous but still great with sata, air nira, ikan dagang cendering and pisang emas. This image is after I called Ikelah to inform I can`t make it to his house for berbuka. We stopped somewhere near Kemaman for berbuka.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

It happened again

I was very determined this will be a different year.It won`t be like last year or the year before that and the year before that also. It will be really different because I shall remember. Since January 1st 2006, I woke up every morning reminding myself not to forget. I have a method which I thought very good. I create a programme inside my mind that when I see such things, I will remember such things. So even if I forget in the morning, there will be clues everywhere to help me remember. Very smart.
But yesterday I was reminded of yet another thing. We can just plan but God decides.
It`s the first day puasa and I was going out of the house to PWTC to check on the MATTA fair there. In my mind I was already calculating the kueh seri muka RM1, Kueh lapis RM1, ikan keli bakar etc to bring back for berbuka. "Balik nanti beli kek yek" my wife gave her order. " Buat apa? " I answered. I like seri muka, why does she want kek? Dia tak posa. I thought. " Kek birthday " added my wife.
I only remembered her birthday about 3 seconds after asking "Birthday saper?"
Hahahaha nasib baik every year macam ni. Jadi dia dah faham sangat dah. I don`t even remember my own birthday. So happy birthday Salina.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Born Free - Merdeka!

Waiting can be very tiring. I never liked waiting and I hate making people wait for me but I don`t really get mad if people are late and make me wait. If I don`t want to wait anymore, I just leave. That way I don`t have to wait till I get stressed up. I lived a healthy, cool and free life. That`s what I did before I get married and that`s probably why I get married rather late.
When I got married, I willingly let go part of the freedom. I let myself be colonised by the outside power. Being colonised gives you some privileges though. You get an additional id card, get educated, learn new ways, decode sms language and get to know new people.
When my son was born, I again let go more freedom. Then my second and then the 3rd and on the 28th August the 4th was born. She was supposed to be born on the 20th but made us all wait for a whole week doing nothing. Now that`s a good start. I left my family in Kulai and shall only pick them up next week insyallah. I have 1 whole week of freedom and now that I`m back in the wild, I am trying to reacquire the surivor skills I have long forgotten.

So introducing Alissa Nur Latifa. Alissa is the name of a flower. Nur Latifa means pure/fine light. Her first photo taken about 2 hours after birth.

Alissa`s elder sister Lily. Looks like me and as stubborn also.

I wish all the best to my son Emir in dealing with his 3 sisters and on the right is the story teller Yasmin. Should have named her Shahrezad.