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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Turkey, Pangkor or Cats

DOTH have repeatedly asked me to write of my experience in Turkey and also about our legendary cat Kitty. There`s so much to tell I don`t know how to start. Although I`m known as "kuat auta" second only to P5, I`m not much of a story teller unlike DOTH. So now we know that great autas may not be good story tellers but good story tellers are definitely autas. Autas can also be easily be provoked. Later we can find out which of the statements will prove itself when we read the readers comments.
Last weekend for the first time ever I brought my family for a cuti cuti Malaysia vacation. Never before in the history of my almost 6 year marriage I take my family anywhere for a holiday. It have always been balik kampung to Kuantan or to Johor. So the kids were pretty excited about it knowing they`ll be staying overnight in a hotel. We didn`t do any preparation or planning. For someone who works in the travel industry who plans for other peoples travelling and vacation, I didn`t plan for my own. I never did never does. Not for my own travelling. I like it this way. It`s more exciting to not knowing what`s ahead not expecting anything and just go through it blindly. My wife asked me where are we going as we packed for the trip. I said let`s try Lumut or Pangkor Island. She asked me whether I`ve booked any hotels or chalet. I said no.
Then as any sane people she asked what if all the hotels and chalets are full? I said, then we`ll drive up to Taiping and see the night safari and Maxwell Hill. We are on vacation why worry about where to stay or where to go. We start with nothing, so every good things along the way is bonus and that will make us happy. So we asked our way up to Lumut because the signboard for Lumut or Pangkor only starts in Teluk Intan. In Lumut we parked our car for RM10/day and while my wife took the kids to the toilet, I scouted around for lodging. I couldn`t get any rooms at any Pangkor beach Teluk Dalam, Teluk Nipah or even Pasir Bogak but I managed to get a 2 room apartment about 250m from Pasir Bogak for the first night and 2 chalet rooms at Teluk Nipah for the second night. So we have a couple of check in and check out to do. So now when people ask me where did I stay in Pangkor, I can say I`ve tried both Pasir Bogak and Teluk Nipah and I recommend staying in Teluk Nipah.
Moving around in Pangkor is easy. If you get run down by a vehicle in Pangkor it`ll probably be one of those pink van taxis. They are everywhere and the fares are cheap. From the Jetty to Pasir Bogak is RM 4 per van and to Teluk Nipah is RM 10. You want to rent for a full Island tour is only RM 40 but actually there`s nothing much to see also. One thing you must do in Pangkor is the speed boat ride. It cost only RM 100 per boat and can carry 10 people. We bargained for the snorkels to be free inclusive with the ride and the kids just love it. It was a wonderful vacation. Is Pangkor beautiful? Yes it`s as beautiful as the scenery from DOTH house in Beserah. Is it happening? Yes in Teluk Nipah but maybe Cherating is more happening. Was I happy? Yes I was but I could be happier if I don`t see the rubbish left by our people at Gem Island which is the spot for snorkeling. Why aren`t our people educated on preserving beauty?
Was it relaxing? Supposed to be but with the children, not so. Conclusion? It was tiring but fun. Maybe we should go to Redang next year and if there`s no room in Redang, we hop to Lang Tengah or Palawan Island. If there`s no room also, we teach the kids some survival lessons Madagaskar style Alatemotemobit.
Sorry no pics.


  • Yes good story tellers are definitely autas...that's why DITH can become DOTH, vice versa, no problem, auta lagi...

    Going cuti-cuti Malaysia ala Madgaskar Alatemobit sounds intriguing but with 3 small kids??#$%^&**()((&*&%^- Kawe takut kang habis bercuti, anak2 awok seme jadi cam karekter dalam Madagskar!

    How can someone be so paradoxical huh? You make a living arranging for people's vacation and yet you yourself prefer spontaneity! So what signal are you sending out here? Cuba story kawe sikit, heheh

    So Boogs, if the beach in Pangkor resembles that near my house, kira kawe tak payah ler pergi sana ek?

    p.s Still waiting for those entries on turkey and kitty! Jgn nak auta lak pusing2 bawak cerita Pangkor nih...

    By Blogger dr in the house, at 7:21 AM  

  • Hehehe good entry Boogey Woogey Woo Hoo Hooh. Enjoyed reading about your impromptu trip. Although I totally sympathise with your wife (one woman to another kinda thingy), I quite understand the need to let go of our regimented lifestyles and reclaim the spontaneous chld within. Heheheh.

    Auta jangan tak auta... likewise am really looking forward to Tales of Turkey. Fascinating sungguh Turkish people/culture/history ni sebenarnya, not to mention the oh so sedap food!

    By Blogger kenakelayan, at 10:46 AM  

  • Now I am in two minds whether to go to Pangkor or to Ikelah and Drroza's house for my next vacation....he...he...
    I'm still in Bangkok. Let's see if I can come up with an entry when I'm back in K.L.

    By Anonymous pycnogenol, at 6:40 AM  

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