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Friday, January 27, 2006

Haj 1426H

The arrival Terminal-Madinatul Hujjaj
For those who have performed Haj will surely recognize the images displayed here. These are the images of the Hujjaj coming from all over the world from different races, colours, languages, social status, ages, cultures all different and these different qualities provide a test to each one of them. Can we get along together or can we not. As we sat in the Masjidil Haram, someone step over us, as we tawaf, people push us roughly, hands touching our back. What is our reaction? Can we unite? Or will we tend to put certain conditions first making it a conditional unity?
So here are some images from my last Haj. There are lessons to be learned. This year I learned a new one. "Mina is crowded, the tents are crampy. If it`s not so, then it`s not Mina and Haj would have less meaning."

Nasi Mandi Feast

The morning Tarwiyah rush a day before wukuf

Little Hujjaj Going for Tarwiyah

Wukuf in Arafah

Wukuf coming to an end

The sky over Mina

Good spot to watch the rescue work at the collapse site


  • Thanks for this special Hajj entry. Was waiting for it and it's happy to read it plus good pics as well.

    Of course unity is a must unconditionally. But as a Muslim, adab is part of akhlak. And wasn't Prophet Muhammad sent to better the akhlak of his ummah? And yet, with all the irony, we get Muslims whilst performing Hajj, displaying the worst of akhlak (read: shoving, intolerance, pushing, shouting, looking down on other races).

    Unity is a must but it can't materialize unless we exercise good akhlak and tolerance of all the differences in fikr.

    Perhaps if muslims are more patient, every hujjaj can do tawaf, saie, throwing stones at jamrah without worrying of stampedes. And everyone can kiss the blackstone or pray at Raudhah by taking turns when politeness rules!

    As for me, no shoving, pushing and roughness please! We are performing Hajj, remember?

    Once again, thanks again for this entry! Alhamdulillah.

    p.s. someone will be green with envy looking at the nasi mandi!

    By Blogger dr in the house, at 3:54 PM  

  • Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

    Hajj, a a test of patience, test of will power, test of sincerity, ur subsevient to God.

    its about equality, its about compassion, its about endurance.

    there is no caste, no prestige, no luxury. no man is above the other.

    it relects ur commitment towards islam, ur understanding of islam, ur perception of Islam, ur sacrifices for the religion.

    what u had gone through in ur life before the hajj will be shown, be tested and blessings could be faster than an eye can blink.

    what u asked for will be granted or denied there n then. there is no queue, there is no the earlier will get it first.

    its a matter of His desire, His Will, a Gift by asking directly to Him with lowliness n sincerity.

    Gone is the Hajj which was preached by prophet Abraham, conveyed to us by the last Prophet Muhammad saw. Arafah is green, covered with white tents, a mixture of high class, medium n low class. dwellings furnished with carpets, matresses with cool assorted drinks, delicious food with a click of a finger. its more than a confort, its luxury with a price.

    Arafah is white presenting equality but the material is of different made. from a simple dusty white to a well pressed high quality cotton specially weaved for coolness and elegance.

    In the tents, one can choose between zikr or chatting, reading quran or a novell, praying or on the cellphone, resting or visiting from tent to tent.

    There is no Hajj without Arafah. Its the peak of performing Hajj, not the tawaf, saie or throwing stones, but the wukuf in Arafah. the true color of a muslim can be seen and shown here. the ease and difficulty is determined by Him. staying in a luxury tent need not be confortable.

    isk, panjang sangat.sedap pulak memikir..sorry

    By Blogger Ikelah, at 12:17 PM  

  • ...lastly...

    its about love. ur love to God that ur ready to sacrifice everything n leave the worldly life to do His biding, to be at the same level as others as a loyal, a submissive servant. u love Allah more than ur riches, ur position n what u have leaving it behind to answer the call of Arafah.

    ur ready to follow the footsteps of Adam n Hawa, the sarcifices of Ibrahim n Ismail n the path taken by prophet Mohammed leaving everything in love of Allah n his ummah. Ummati... Ummati... Ummati.

    By Blogger Ikelah, at 3:16 PM  

  • Lovely pics! What is nasi mandi? Is it like nasi dulang?

    What comes to mind is the Day of Judgement. I wonder if we will live a lifetime there, under the sweltering heat whilst we await our turn to be Judged? Will we have shade on that Day?

    Apa2 pun, congrats on completing your Rukun Islam! :) May the experience of Hajj stay with you your whole life, and that Allah accepts it and is well-pleased with you, ameen.

    By Blogger kenakelayan, at 4:48 AM  

  • Mana gambar tok siah?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:14 PM  

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