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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Travel With A Purpose

We got back from Yogyakarta last Saturday morning after 4 days of travelling. DITH got her backpacking dream come true. Ikelah got his back pain healed, Mrs Moss got to climb the Borobudur steps front packed, I was the fully geared packed back and front for the trip. Got some good shots and stories but I`ll leave the stories to DITH and Widhus Gembel to Ikelah.


It rained heavily the day we arrived in Borobudur. Stayed the night at Manohara and the next morning a thick mist surrounded the temple contributing to the poor lights.

( Nikon 18-55mm lens at focal: 26mm, ISO 800, f8, 1/400sec, manual )

The sky brightened up only after we got down from Borobudur. But we were already late for breakfast and we had an important appointment with Mt. Merapi.

( Nikon lens 18-55 at focal : 18mm, ISO 800, f8, 1/500sec. manual)

Prambanan Temple

It was a hazy day and the lights were lousy.

( Nikon 18-55 at focal 55mm, ISO 400, f8 : 1/320 sec, manual )

Sunset at Parangritis

This is a sight to remember. The rays shone straight to the clouds over Parangritis beach.

( Nikon 18-55mm lens at focal :28mm, ISO 400, f8 :1/5sec, manual )

Coconut tree in Parangritis
Paul Moss and M. Yamashita fought over this spot to capture that single coconut tree. M. Yamashita won but not before Paul Moss managed to catch a couple of shots.
( Nikon 18-55 at focal : 26mm, ISO 400, f8 : 1/5 sec, manual )
M. Yamashita Siluette
Captured M. Yamashita in the act.
( Nikon 18-55 at focal: 26 mm, ISO 400, f 8 : 1/3 sec, manual )
Burung Kakak Tua
The Javanese love for birds can be seen everywhere. They have bird market and all three hotels we stayed have birds.
( Nikon 18-55 at focal 55mm, ISO 800, f 5.6 : 160 sec, AF, TTL Flash )
Lastly thanks to Pang5 for driving us to the airport , Khin for picking us up and Anang our driver for the guidance.


  • It was definitely a trip to remember and both of you were great company for us. Thanks Boogey for making this backpacking dream come true, hehe.

    Thanks also to Pang5 for sending us very early in the morning and Khin for
    picking us despite our heavy loads!

    Jazakillah hairan kathira!

    By Blogger dr in the house, at 10:54 PM  

  • nice pictures esp of the sunset!

    By Blogger neemo, at 5:50 AM  

  • DITH,
    Yes it was a great trip. I`ve always enjoyed budget travelling compared to organized group tours.
    Can you see yourself with the backpack in front of the Borobudur photo?
    Neemo, yes the sunset was spectacular. It`s the right day with thr right people and the right place. Thanks to the people who endured us. May God give them more patience for future trips.

    By Blogger Boogey, at 7:09 PM  

  • "Yamashita won but not before Paul Moss managed to catch a couple of shots"

    Poor, poor Yamashita, awak kalah juga walaupun telah menang yek? And Paul Moss, cepat-cepat pula post these great pics of the sunset.
    Haiyya...macam mana boleh jadi begini, yang menang kalah dan yang kalah menang juga?

    By Anonymous pycnogenol, at 7:41 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Blogger Ikelah, at 9:44 PM  

  • :D I think my fave is the parrot and Yamashita-san. The sunset was awesome though...

    By Blogger kenakelayan, at 1:38 AM  

  • The sunset at parangtritis was absolutely amazing. It started with a golden skyline shining into the clouds giving shades of yellow to the sea.

    It later becomes darker turning orange particularly where the sun was. Later the sun became reddish and started to spread its colour, brighter forming a dome-like light source.

    The sky got darker and the 'light source' started to give out rays ala spotlight which later luminated the scale-like cloud on our right. It was spectacular. The dome started to spread to the left becoming thinner but bigger and later engulfed the the yellow skyline. It was a rare sighting or experience(just search the web for such sunset).

    It was indeed a gift from The Creator, The AlMighty. As stated in the Quran that Allah had told us to observe the changing of light between the day and the night and one will see the Greatness of the Creator for those who think(i could not remember which verses but i had read them in many places in the Quran).
    We later prayed Maghrib-Isya' at Surau parangtritis at the beach.

    As for the pictures, let Paul gets the credits for the sunset. He deserved it with all the preparations he had made. As for me, I was overwhelmed with excitement when the peak of Merapi was revealed to us, eventhough at the last moment. Alhamdulillah.

    Here, i would like to thank boogey for the great trip, drroza and salina for their company and support, p5 for sending us to the airport and khin for takiing us home from the airport.

    i believed we achieved more than what we had hoped for, an excellent vacation, getting to know each other better and observing The Greatness and The Compassion of The Creator.

    By Blogger Ikelah, at 9:07 AM  

  • Yes, I sure can spot me-self with me-back-pack! hehe

    In fact I was aware when you took that pic. I should have given a more profound pose ala 'ultraman' or even a sitting or lying Buddha or something, hehe

    By Blogger dr in the house, at 8:05 PM  

  • Pycno, actually Ikelah also took many great shots of the sunset but we agreed on my posting the sunset, him the Merapi and DITH the stories. Most of our shots are about the same except I used a tripod for the sunset and he didn`t, he got a long 200mm zoom for Merapi and I`m still waiting for my brothers to get one as a present.
    DITH, you did give a profound pose with the beca ride.
    Kenakelayan, we found some great spots for you. There`s a cave by the cliff in Parangtritis where for hundreds of years people including royalties go to meditate for enlightenment.

    By Blogger Boogey, at 6:31 PM  

  • Cave only eh? It must be one in a hidden valley, complete with hot springs, filled with a wealth of fruits and birds of paradise.

    Anyway cave ni menyeramkanle, I don;t want to fight for spot with an old Hindu sami (visions of the snake cave in Bali)

    Kalau Yemen, Syria, Maghribi or Mauritania then I sanggup... especially kalau on the top of the Atlas mountains... ni kalau tak dapat jugak enlightenment tak tau la!

    Kalau takdek I'd rather stay in my (air-conditioned) room with a tub of Baskin Robbins. :D

    By Blogger kenakelayan, at 12:59 AM  

  • Eh Baskin Robbins halal ek? hehe

    By Blogger dr in the house, at 4:30 AM  

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