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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Something About Cars

Someone asked the public a naive question why semi naked girls are used to pose for car adverts. First thing that comes to mind is there`s a 70% possibility that someone is a female. Second, since it`s a naive question the other 30% shows that person is also naive about cars.
If you happen to walk near a fair ground and you see semi naked girls, most probably there`s a motor show inside. It can`t be a bicycle show or a furniture show or a cookery show or a pasar borong...never. It `s gotta be a motor show with sports cars, prototypes etc. Why? Because cars have always been associated with girls in every way. I won`t elaborate on that but it`s actually what inspired Ford to invent cars anyway. It`s not because there`s a draught and all the horses died of hunger, not because Ford joined WHO or any society for prevention of cruelty to horses, not because there a horse strike or the sort but because Ford wanted to be different and outstanding to lure the girls attention. I say again "cars have always been associated with girls". Why semi naked then? Why isn`t a single or even two naked thumb enough for God sake? The naive mind says to show a car is good, beautiful, fast and furious, a thumb up is enough. Not enough? Two thumbs up then. Nope! Thumbs are just the door handles of the car. Two thumbs up means that the door handles of the car are good and not like the Gen2 one. That`s not enough to explain the other part of the car. To be closely associated, the rule says they have to be almost the same. We have never seen a dressed up car before have we? And we can`t have totally naked girls in public can we? So to be fair to both the cars and the public, semi is acceptable. If the car is good, beautiful and sporty, a beautiful girls is chosen. If it`s a truck, still a beautiful but more heavily built girl is more suitable. What you see is what you get. Somehow Proton cars never use this concept. Usually the girls wear decent clothes. Yes, yes, very good. Thumbs also not so up in the air. It`s like they just cekak pinggang. So that`s how it started and goes and that explanation should have answered the naive question.


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    By Blogger dr in the house, at 1:54 AM  

  • AMboi Boogey, pandai awok buat rumuse tentang eklan kete dengan pompuan dedoh aurat! Betol ke kalau nok jua kete mesti pakai pompuan seksi?

    Aki rase la, kalau kete tu doh molek, letok lembu sekor ke Lotong sekor ker, sebeloh, pon orang datang bbeli!

    Dunia sekarang ni ada aje nok melekakan umat manusia. Dia letok ler pompuan separuh bogel, posing sini. posing sana. tunjuk bahagian body, jolok mate.

    Kalau F1 pulok. Ada pulok pompuan pelok hok pemenang. Ish, geli Aki nnengok! Pastu bukok botol arak tanda menang. Astaghfirrullah!

    Aki nok cadangkanlah. Cube le buat kajian. kete hok pakai pompuan untuk eklan dgn kete hok pakai Lotong. Aki yaken lah, sama je jualan. Silap haribulan hok pakai Lotong lebih laku, lebih berkat!


    By Anonymous Tokki Andak, at 1:55 AM  

  • I personally like this car advert, robot-transforming C4 Citroen! Cool!

    No ladies anywhere!

    By Blogger kenakelayan, at 3:16 AM  

  • Ask a naive question and you get a long-and-winded-beat-around-the-bush-
    but-no-conclusion-in-the-end kind of answer!!!

    (everyone please remind me not to ask such question lest we'll have to endure Boogey's Turkish Delight (or non-delight??)

    So conclusion? There's no relevence whatsoever between a car's performance and the girl-model next to it but due to human psycho-sociology, the sexual innuendo it emanates help promotes car sales, nontheless!

    By Blogger dr in the house, at 7:42 AM  

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