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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Extreme Photographer

Who iz diz xtreme photographer?
We started shooting even before we landed in Solo and all the way to Yogyakarta we shoot at almost everything. There are so many interesting things here. It`s like travelling through bandar Mentakab in the 1970s with horse driven carriages everywhere. There are paddy fields here and there, farmers working the field with their hands and sometimes assisted by water buffaloes. People are very polite and friendly, the town very clean, trishaw everywhere and we can see volcanoes at a far. Ikelah`s eyes got locked to the volcanoes even from the day we arrived.
Mine were more on the sunset and just for the sunset I brought a tripod all the way from home.
The coconut was good. Tea? Bad bad bad.
We had dinner at a nice restaurant on the way back from Parantritis. The restaurant have individual huts but it`s for makan bersila only. The food especially the Gurame dish was too saucy for our taste. I didn`t like it. Overall if you are going to Yogyakarta and you are not so familiar with Javanese food, my advise is stick to Minang food. There are many Restoran Padang in Yogyakarta and Solo. You sit at the table and they fill your table with small plates of all sorts of dishes almost everything they have. However they only charge you for what you eat. We usually just choose the ones we like and sent back the rest to make some space on the table. Very exotic foods they have there. On the last day I ate goat brain masak lemak. Ikelah`s favourite is the limpa.

Ikelah is waiting anxiously for the famous teh tarik Borobudur.

We walked to the nearby town from our Manohara hotel in Borobudur to have dinner. The shops closes early but there were some stalls and a few small restaurants open. We didn`t opt for the Padang restaurant though and settled for a warung for nasi goreng. Bad bad bad decision. Ikelah asked for teh susu. Worse decision.

This is the team and there`s Anang our driver cum guide. Very knowledgable, read Hamka also.

I took this photo just before we part with Anang. This is not the last photo though. There`s still the happy beca ride photo of Ikelah and DITH. I realised I didn`t take many photos of ourselves. There were probably only 25 photos of us and the rest of about 200 frames I shot are of Parangtritis, Merapi, Kotagede, people, animals and other nice scenes but not of ourselves. Photo of myself? Only 4 in my camera with 2 of them silluette just to show people that I really did go to Yogyakarta and Solo.


  • If extreme photography is a crime in Jogja, both of you'll be behind bars right now, haha

    Thank Allah for the invention of digicam, so we dont waste on negatives like the old days!

    Boogs, start planing for another cheap trip next year! Bangkok or even Cambodia....itu pun kalau awok dont mind my company...:)

    By Blogger dr in the house, at 10:35 PM  

  • Xtreme photography...

    Tak nak try Vietnam? Food looks interesting... it would be fun to take pics of the 'jeruk snakes'..

    By Blogger kenakelayan, at 1:01 AM  

  • i am used to that word. Boogey and I used to be called extreamist during our varsity days. That was during the varsity election. I won anyway with boogey playing a big role in the campaign.

    Today the word is back again. I learn something from tony wong, one will produce the best results and his ability upgraded when pushed to the extreame.

    why not india, homeplace of karam singh and .... maybe by the end of this year air asia will have new routes to india. we can visit northern india..... i was there before and it was beautiful. nak dok hostel pun boleh, kiri lelaki, kanan perempuan. kalau mat saleh dia bogel terus salin baju.

    macam mana kenakelayan dan OK? boleh backpacking?

    thanks for taking my picture walking away from pasar burung.
    i found burung hantu, pipit, merpati, terkukur, merbuk, komodore lizard agaknya, vampire bats (gambar tak cantik sebab dalam cage), green snakes, black snakes, brown snakes, kittens, puppies, ayam, snake skins.

    As for dinner at restoren Numani, the ikan was overcooked with kicap and sos tiram, another javanese menu. the udang galah was cheap but the cooking was so so.

    As for Anang our driver, he really take care of us. Thanks.

    By Blogger Ikelah, at 4:16 AM  

  • It's interesting that you use the terms 'extreme photography and extreme photographer' here.

    When you pushed yourselves to the limits, trying to capture every magical moment, at every unique, magical spots, dont you get extremely tired, and as a result, become easily, extremely agitated?

    I am soliciting views from both the photographers and non-photographers on that trip, here.

    (Jangan marah bertanya ya....)

    By Anonymous pycnogenol, at 5:12 PM  

  • Alhamdulillah Pycnogenol, eventhough they were kinda extreme in their endeavor, they kept their temper checked most of the time...but I can't deny someone became agitated with me for my slipshodness and not because of his extremeness in photography...biasa la kan...kalau tak gaduh, abnormal namanya tu!

    Btw, I see the great solicitor doing something he is good at, Soliciting!

    By Blogger dr in the house, at 10:08 PM  

  • IKelah
    I think kalau backpacking ini macam okaylah kot, ada guide, ada some sort of itinerary (although I do not rule out deviating from the itinerary. Being married to O-K taught me that {O-K :P~}). Tapi kalau true blue student style (tidur di kaki lima, camping) mintak maaf kami sudah tidak sanggup. :D

    Mat saleh bogel is a nightmare. Masa kat Sweden me and some girls stayed at this lovely youth hostel on a moored ship. It was superbly clean, and there were seperate bathrooms for both sexes. But it was quite unnerving to meet a kindly white-haired makcik - who wished you a cheery 'good morning' in the coridor - in her birthday suit near the sinks BEFORE she entered the sanctity of a shower stall. Kok ya pun salinlah baju dalam shower?

    Berapa banyak ilmu hilang da...

    By Blogger kenakelayan, at 3:36 AM  

  • assalamualaikum tuan rumah, tumpang lalu dan singgah sekejap.

    why the 1st photo reminds me of gambar artist tengah nak having a go at paparazzi taking his picture without permission.

    p/s: ada cerita teh tarik lagi :)

    By Blogger Mama Sarah, at 6:13 AM  

  • when taking about extreame photography, the question is what is meant by that. i have my on definition and it may differ from boogey or others. To me, is just my full commitment. Before i took the shot, i will ask myself a few question:

    1. will it be beautiful. if through my naked eye that it is not, i wont take it.
    2. Is the light right? Can I manipulate it?
    3. Is my camera and Lenses capable to capture the composition?
    4. How I want it to look like.
    5. When is the perfect moment?
    6. Is 1 shot enough? or i need 2-3 shots with different exposure/speed.
    7. Will i be satisfied with the shot.

    If I am on the move for a perfect shot, I will give my full concentration. Shoot with the eyes looking through the lens, the brain analizing the composition, the heart praying for a perfect shot and the finger squeezing at the right moment. I will just ignore my surroundings including people around me. That is my extreme. ;)

    hehehe... memang extreamist sekali sekala... kalau ambil gambar kenangan, kasual, smile, pusing sana sikit, pusing sini sikit, angkat itu, angkat ini... i am with the world, moderate.

    question about letih... no! infact rasa tenang jika puas hati dengan usaha yang di buat.
    agitated? kalau kita sedang 100% tumpuan and engrossed nak compose and waiting for the right moment and then somebody kacau... agitated lah kot. ;)
    ini saya rasa terutamanya bagi mereka shoot people and modelling. Mood pengambaran boleh lari.(saya tak pernah, so tak tau, agak saja berdasarkan firasat).

    By Blogger Ikelah, at 9:53 PM  

  • let it be known that all these photos were taken using nikon lens and camera body, and rodenstock polarizer. hehehe...

    courtesy of... :)

    By Anonymous P5, at 12:44 AM  

  • boogey cuma pinjam rhodenstock polarizer untuk assess its performance compairing to Hoya polarizer.

    boogey... mana okey? hoya tu atau rhodenstock tu? ;)

    By Blogger Ikelah, at 7:29 AM  

  • Rodenstock tu is better lah. We should have looked for one while in Yogya. Probably it`s cheap there.

    By Blogger Boogey, at 5:41 PM  

  • Ye la Boogey, kat sana dia jual RadenStock...dia bole filter dan polarize segala mcm benda baik alam nyata mau pon ghaib!

    By Blogger dr in the house, at 10:36 PM  

  • Yang GHAIB tu lah yang banyak dalam 'stock' si Raden tu...!!!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:08 PM  

  • "On the last day I ate goat brain masak lemak. Ikelah`s favourite is the limpa."

    That REALLY got my attention! Goat brain?! On a slightly different note, GREAT PICS! It's in the genes eh? ;)

    By Blogger afie911, at 6:32 PM  

  • By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:56 AM  

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