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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Photo Makeover

I have developed an interest in some post production work after I came across some award winning entries in the graphic art category organized by a photography magazine. Before this I never bother doing any post production works even the basic ones like enhancing colours, adjust brightness, saturation, hue or contrasts.

The photos are beautiful and very different. Some looks like oil paintings of Monnet, others resemble crazy works of Salvatore Dali and some looks unreal like animation figures. I started to ask how and now in the process of finding the answers poking around jabbing the tools inside photoshop.
So for the last two days I spent some hours to become familiar with photoshop functions and did some testing.

Probably this is how they do the Cuti cuti Malaysia brochures. It`s actually not very difficult.

This one is a bit complicated. I finished this last night.


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